Duncan has served eleven years as Collin County Commissioner for Precinct 4. While in office, the following measurers and markers of a more efficient, effective, and productive County have occurred:

  • The County retirement and health care liabilities were eliminated, reduced, or paid; saving the County and its taxpayers approximately $8 million dollars per year.

  • The County’s overall tax rate decreased 30%, while Collin County population increased over 41%. Collin County has one of the lowest county tax rates in the state of Texas.

  • The County has made substantial investments in technology and infrastructure so employees and customers can more effectively search, file, and retrieve records in its massive databases. This investment eliminates a substantial portion of paper management and storage costs.

  • The County has increased funding for Sheriff’s patrol division; doubling the number of deputies on patrol and adopting merit-based pay incentives to increase staff training and knowledge.

Duncan has delivered on his election promise to work hard and use his extensive business and legal experience as a County Commissioner.

  • Through Duncan’s leadership on the Regional Transportation Council and Dallas Regional Mobility Council, Collin County has received over $600 million dollars for new limited access roadways (”LARs” or “freeways”). He will continue his efforts to get the much-needed additional funding.

  • Through Duncan’s leadership, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation Council are completing long-range analysis of Collin County’s transportation infrastructure needs when build-out occurs.

  • Duncan continues to work to bring a large transportation bond package to Collin County’s citizens. These funds would meet state matches for large projects and assist cities in facilitating improvements in the principal arterials that tie to new LARs.